Vietnam veteran, John Magnum, is a former member of an elite Special Forces group who left the military after the tragic loss of his entire battalion while under his command; He was only able to save himself and one of his troops. Since then, he has been consumed with guilt over the deaths of his men. He just wants to live a normal life and forget his violent past...

...But now, his former Commanding Officer, Colonel Deckard, has tracked him down to inform him that a small group of POWs - captured during the war 10 years ago - have been found, and are being used as slave labor for a drug cartel in Costa Rica. Deckard asks Magnum to accompany him as an escort on a Top Secret mission to rescue the POWs, but Magnum refuses...

It's not his battle anymore.

Only a few days later, Magnum is approached by his old friend Richter, the only survivor of Magnum's lost battalion. Richter presents Magnum with a surprising video tape revealing that Deckard and his crew have been captured, and are being tortured then killed one-by-one at the hands of a ruthless drug lord. Before the tape ends, Colonel Deckard makes a plea for help from Magnum.

Magnum knows he can't let any more of his friends get killed and decides to go to Costa Rica to exact his revenge on everyone in his path on his mission to rescue Deckard, his team, and the POWs from the clutches of the heartless drug lord...



Character Name: John Magnum (Sergeant Major)
Age: 30's

Vietnam veteran; war hero. John is a one-man army, masterly trained in Krav Maga, and built by the Army Special Forces over 12 years to lead a team of highly skilled soldiers through the trenches of hell. He lost his battalion in war, and denied his re-enlistment because of the guilt attached to losing 'his' men. He only trusts one man completely, Col. Deckard, his commander and trainer while in the Army Special Forces. Since his 'retirement' from the Army, John has opened an Army Surplus Store and lives in a small town off the eastern coast where he has lived peacefully....until now.


Character Name: Marion Deckard (Colonel)
Age: 50's

Colonel Deckard is a highly decorated Army Special Forced Officer. He has fought in two wars with Sergeant Major John Magnum, and has seen more than enough of his share of Hell on the battlefields. He was Magnum's commander and combat trainer during Magnum's 12-year career in the Army. Still a member of the Army Special Forces, he insists on continuing to command platoons on Special Ops as well as the common-ground battlefields. On a top-secret Covert Op to South America, he and his men are captured by a group of ruthless thugs running a drug cartel when their extraction plane was shot down by unknown forces...


Character Name: Alonzo Richter (Sergeant)
Age: 30's

Sergeant Richter is the only remaining member of Magnum's old battalion. Richter was the sole survivor from a team of 30, thanks to Magnum; he owes his life to him. Richter still serves in the Army, but no longer with the Special Forces; he is now an Intel Operative. He left Spec Ops because of pressure from his wife, and the due to the fear instilled in him from the traumatic events that almost kill him. Richter has a sort of brotherly bond with Magnum, even though they have not spoken since because of a pact he made with Magnum prior to his leaving the military.


Character Name: Vladimir Kinski (General; retired)
Age: 60's

Kinski was a General in the Russian military many years ago, and has long since retired. Even during his time in the military, Kinski was secretly a part of the Russian mob. Throughout his years, he simultaneously rose through the ranks in the military as well as the mob. He was respected by the military and is feared by everyone who knows him inside (and outside) the mob. His methods of getting the job done are brutal and sometimes unspeakable. Kinski has recently taken a suspicious liking to the drug smuggling trade and has taken over production and smuggling operations from a drug lord in Costa Rica...


Character Name: Longino (Captain)
Age: 40's

Captain Longino is the leader of Vlad's personal Costa Rican armed militia. He is in charge of hiring and managing an army of approx. 200 soldiers that guard the cartel grounds. Longino is also a high ranking official for the local Costa Rican police precinct, and abuses his position to profit from Vlad's cartel while keeping the cartel's remote location secret from local police units. Vlad treats him with constant disrespect, and finds him incompetent, yet keeps him around anyways because of his connections with the local governments.


Character Name: Ting Sun Wei
Age: 20's

Ting Sun is a deadly female assassin from Chinese background. She is as deadly as she is beautiful. Ting Sun was trained in the martial arts from the age of 10 when she was sold by her family to the Russian mob who used her as a living weapon. She has never known love, nor has ever felt it since being abandoned as a child. She has been Vladimir Kinski's personal bodyguard and assassin for more than a decade. Her true intentions and loyalty to Vlad have been questioned on a few occasions.


Character Name: Koh
Age: ???

Koh is a massive, muscular, East Indian man with an ugly scar across his face. He works for Vladimir as a bodyguard and "interrogation specialist", among other things. Koh's background is largely unknown as he doesn't say much, if anything at all; He lets his brute strength do all the talking.



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